SerMon Blog

React + Redux meets Wordpress

SerMon Blog is a React + Redux Web App that feeds on a Wordpress backend. It has a role system which serves different content to different type of users.

The main purpose for this App is to serve as a private blog, being able to dynamically create new sections, pages, posts, and determine which users have access to certain sections or content.

Multi Language

Using WPML on the backend and react-i18next on the frontend, this blog is completelly translatable to any language and if some content is missing a translation, it displays the main language by default.

Material Design first

Built with the help of Material-UI framework, one of the most popular frameworks for React

Lightweight structure

Designed to need the less libraries as possible, this App uses its own components for the most part of its logic.

WordPress Awesome Tracker

Track your users' navigation server-side!

Awesome Tracker is a simple yet powerful plugin that tracks every user visit to any of your WordPress pages server-side.

It captures users' navigation before serving the actual page, which allows you to know exactly what pages were served to what users of your WordPress site and when.

Awesome Tracker will track

  • Visits to your pages/posts
  • Visits to your archive pages
  • 404 requests
  • Search requests
  • API calls

API REST compatible!

Set your relevant API Routes to track. Especially useful for headless WordPress installations.